I almost shit my pants

Last night after class, my bf and I stopped by my hubby’s house for a little get together she was having.

I had half a cup of vodka something and was feeling tipsy. We all decided to fuck around on the skateboard in her driveway of her gated condo community.
I know I can’t skateboard but I was feeling confident because everyone else made it look so easy. AND it was a longer less choppier board.
Kinda looked like a smaller scale of a surfboard.
I fell off the first couple of times and the skateboard even took off under my feet. When I grabbed it and rode it back, I pushed too hard off my feet (so I can make it over the speed bump) and fell straight on my tailbone.
I literally felt like I was going to shit my pants. I was laughing it off because I was in so much pain and was clenching my ass cheeks together so I WOULDN’T shit my pants.
I laid there for a good 5 minutes because I couldn’t get up. My bf came over and helped me up, got me an ice pack and drove me home safely.
I actually got called into the Irvine office today to work (was suppose to have the whole week off) but I didn’t mind because the DR. isn’t in and I would just have to sit and answer calls. I wouldn’t be doing any strenuous work. So this morning when I had to put my clothes on, my bf helped me out cause I wasn’t able to put my pants on. I felt bad because he was sleeping and didn’t even have to be up at 8am. (He usually sleeps in til 11am) He even helped me carry my backpack down to my car from upstairs cause he knew I wouldn’t be able to carry heavy stuff. I take a backpack to work cause I take my laptop to watch my instant Netflix. lol
I called Ziller though, I cannot be standing for 7 hours pouring drinks and running around behind the bar.
I finally get a night off of work! whew. Didn’t know I had to fuck up my tail bone to NOT work though.
I can’t wait to get home so my bf can take care of me.
Bummed that I can’t do kickboxing tomorrow night with my bf and hubby tho. Tail bone, please heal fast!
The last time I fell on my tail bone was when I used to figure skate and would have to do flips and axles and other skating moves on the ice rink. Then, I fell a lot!!! I didn’t realize how painful it was until last night!

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