I’m everything a man wants but everything a man doesn’t want.

I was thinking a few weeks back about how almost every guy I come in contact with is attracted to me. (I swear I’m not being a diva, just stating the facts. I don’t know what they see in me, really)

I seem to have the type of personality to get along with most of them and obviously my physical appearance is up to par for them to be sexually attracted to me. Especially now that I’m so independent, they love it more.

Every guy I’ve met either wants to wife me up or get to know me better or just be in my life, basically they want me.

BUT! I have a kid. (I hate that sentence) I’m everything a guy wants but I’m also everything a guy doesn’t want. Single mother and a divorcee. Trust me, it’s only 2 things, but a BIG issue.

I don’t really mind if a guy won’t date me because of the 2 reasons above because I don’t need a guy to accept me with conditions.

I’m a walking contradiction….

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