Piglet eats a ham & cheese croissant

I didn't see the bagel shop on the left of starbucks so I ended up going into donut star and got the croissant. I really wanted a bagel bfast sammy but stupid me didn't have any patience to walk a little further to double check if it was there.

I remember the bagel shop being there when I was living in irvine & thought it was replaced by the donut shop. Guess I was wrong.

Also I've had 2 cups of coffee, why haven't I pooped yet??? I feel so bloated!

The croissant was actually pretty good. I wanna say better than spud donuts in LA that I found. They use the same white cheese but donut star had better quality croissant. Although I hate the ham that all donut places use, which has this rubbery feel. I think its the cheap ham from costco they get that come in that huge packet!

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