I’m confused…

I got a missed call from a dear friend.

I text the friend that I was working and busy and ask what's wrong.

He texts me back and says, "check my fb status."

WTF? I text him back and wrote, "just tell me." And he doesn't respond.

I could've check his status but I'm @ work and I just check on my fb app on my bbb and his didn't show up cause I guess he did it a while ago.

So when I figure out that he's not gonna respond cause I didn't check his status, I decide to check. I have to request more and more till the 3rd load it finally shows up.

I thought it was gonna be something different, but it ended up being something completely random.

When I ask for more details, he doesn't really make sense in explaining, so I just drop it.

I really went thru all that trouble for nothing? Really?

I'm confused!

What was the point?

And he really couldn't just tell me over text?


Sent via bbb…

"I'm hard to remember, but impossible to forget"

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