I’m in class and I can’t respond to ur comment…..

So I'm making a post to Altruistic Fashion.


Thanks for leaving a comment and for your information, your negativity doesn't affect me. But I did want to clear some things up for you.

1. I don't moderate comments people post, it posts instantly as long as an open id is used. I just don't allow anonymous commenters.

2. If ur wondering why Janice and I are friends, her blog is linked from my site, please ask her yourself.

3. I'm glad people think I'm a train wreck, I hope they're there when I blow up in flames!

4. And I'm not scared of anything, well maybe just getting my face fucked up. If you wanna fight cause you can't stand the person I am, I'm sure you can find where I am. If not, don't waste ur energy being negative and assuming things about me when you've never met me.

5. I don't promote hate, I promote honesty and realness.

Have a great night!


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"I'm hard to remember, but impossible to forget"

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