South Coast Plaza

Wednesday after work, I decided to go to South Coast Plaza to do some shopping.

I had initially went to buy my bf a new belt but things changed and I decided not to.
I swear that mall makes my panties wet.
I parked Bob near the entrance of Hermes and went straight to Cartier.
Luckily my sales lady Anna was there to assist me. She’s been assisting me since 2002. I’ve purchased over 5 different bands and some jewelry from her and she’s always been very very helpful! I remember there was a time I ordered a band and they forgot to notify me and 8 months had passed. They ordered me the new band and gave me one for free. As you can see in the post below, they are not that cheap.
So after Cartier, my next stop was Lawry’s carvery. I’m in LOVE with their Carver salad. Horseradish dressing, boiled egg, prime rib, medium with onion strings!
After I went to Chanel to see my sale’s lady Pam. We talked for 30 minutes, she asked about my family and wished me the best of luck in my new career choice.
Then off to Tiffany’s I went to pick up a birthday gift for my dear friend’s fiance who’s been the greatest!

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