I beat up children.

Of all the craziest rumors I’ve heard, this is the craziest.

Yes, how did you know? I beat up my son and make him get bruises and cover it up with my makeup. Oh wait, I don’t wear makeup so I just take him back to his dad with all the bruises and bloody nose. LOL
Oh god, that is the most ridiculous crap I’ve heard.
I’ve spanked like most parents do and if an apology is what ya’ll wanna hear, I’m SORRY.
I don’t even like watching Bum Fights.
I’m not a violent person. I don’t carry guns and I’ve NEVER gotten into a fight before.
I’m all about reprimanding and making sure the difference between right and wrong is understood.
But anywho, I just wanted to make things clear because that is a horrible horrible rumor to be going around.
Why he gotta go and bring my son into this. I’m just glad he doesn’t have a child of his own!
Also, I don’t know why people go on RL to read about me when they can come directly to my site cause I make fun of myself!
Think about it!

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