I was used to being alone while I was single for a year.

After the breakup, it was hard not to get bored.
I found myself not bored the last 3 months because I had a boyfriend.
Well, not had, still do, but he’s mad so I find myself being bored.
So here I am blogging about something stupid but gossip worthy.
Why the fuck am I feeling this way. I worked so hard at being independent and got used to doing things by myself. 3 months into a relationship, and I’m all needy again.
My bf is pissed at me for ___________ reason. No use of getting into it here. So basically I’m in the dog house and he won’t talk to me.
So why am I bored? I would normally be talking to him or bbming him sweet messages (lol). But I can’t do either. So I find myself surfing the web, changing my fb status and online shopping.
I should get off now. I haven’t eaten anything all day and I have to go into work @ 10pm.
Good night ya’ll

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