Non Tippers

1 particular person who made me blog about this subject.

Last night (friday night) an old regular came in. I'm sure if I described him, ALL of you will know who I'm talking about, but I'll keep that to myself. He used to come in a lot when Scott the manager was here, because him & his friends got free beers.

Last night he came to the bar and ordered a beer, and didn't leave tip.

I guess what bothers me the most is the fact that if you can't afford to leave even $1, why the fuck do you come out & spend money?

Stay your ass home and save ur money.

When I'm broke I don't go out and I don't spend money. And if I do, I tip accordingly because I respect the service industry. Even before I became a bartender I tipped the basic amount but most of the time more than what was expected.

If you want love from a bartender, tip them enough for them to remember you, so next time you go back you won't have A. Pay for your drink B. Repeat your order or C. Won't have to worry if you're getting enough alcohol cause they'll most likely be a heavy pourer.

So keep that in mind. If not, just don't go out.


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  1. i have a bunch of friends in the service industry so i definitely know how important it is to tip. i know this person though who believes u don't have to tip for a beer cuz "all they're doing is taking off the cap"… of course i don't agree with that, cuz at the end of the day someone is still serving ur ass so, tip! what is the proper etiquette when tipping for "just a beer"?and yes, i definitely agree that being buddy buddies and generous with your bartender definitely pays! plus u never know, u might meet a new cool person in the process.great blog,btw!-marie

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