Cooking as a Korean American

Ever since I started cooking (2002) I realized it is a pain in the ass to be Korean American.

I have to go to 2 different grocery stores because the Korean market doesn’t carry some of the American things I want and vice versa. AND if they do, it’s so overpriced!
So when I plan out the meals for the week I need to list everything down that I need.
For example, I like to ALWAYS have in my fridge the following, condiments, tortilla, salsa, eggs, chili peppers, tuna, chicken and fish. All these I get at the American market.
But the problem lies here…. I can only cook Korean food with a few exceptions, spaghetti and Mexican. I don’t really like red meat either so I never touch steaks nor do I know how to marinade or grill.
So when I go to the Korean market, I need to buy all the spices and sauces and crap.
I love the korean peppers and their pre-marinaded meats. I also need the gim, ban chan, tofu, and I like the produce @ the korean market too.
There are so many little things I need and if I forget 1 thing, I hate having to go back!
Soon I will have to make my spicy tuna hand roll @ home. Which market will I need to go to accomplish this? Of course the Korean market….

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