It ain’t easy money

For the past few months I’ve been helping with the c/c transactions @ Le Cercle for the waiters.

I see the hassle they have to go through to get all their tables settled on their bill and DAMN, it’s a lot of work.
2 nights a week I see them running and calculating while still trying to balance and keep cool with their customers and management.
I always thought their job was easy when I used to visit the clubs but now I know they work their ass off.
I’ve seen some waiters having to deal with people bailing out on their bill, which I think is pathetic because it ends up coming out of the waiter’s pocket.
I don’t see why anyone with standard morals would bail out on a bill. And being too drunk isn’t a good enough excuse. You came to party, you drank the alcohol and now you have to pay for those things plus the services you were given.
I always see the waiters running around trying to accommodate 5 plus tables they have for the night, trying to please everyone while trying to book their promo girls.
It seems as if they make a lot of money for their job title, but I don’t think it’s enough. For all the work they do, they should be making more. Of course I don’t know how much they get tipped each night but I know the economy hasn’t been helping.
Next time you come to a Korean club, treat your waiter well, for he will return the favor. Then MAYBE, he’ll start bringing better looking girls to your table for booking!

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