Chin Up Bar

Finally! After 8 days, its arrived!!!! Of course starting the p90x workout is in order as of tomorrow! But tomorrow is tylerday!!!! Okok no excuses!

I only wish it came assembled. So I got it thru ebay for $30 and I usually put 5 stars for their feedback because I've never had a problem. Well this order, the bitch didn't send me a tracking # which was freaking annoying & didn't reply when I emailed her last week regarding the arrival.

Should I complain? I would want a good feedback as well and she might be ticked off if I don't leave a positive one. I paid immediately after the purchase so it would be unfair of her, but we all know how these ebay sellers are.

Anyway, I'm blogging as I'm driving on the 5N in rush hour traffic from irvine to SM. I hate tuesdays!
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