Farrell’s for Piglets

I’m sorry the picture quality is horrible. I forgot my camera so I had to take it with my bbb.

So I finally took tyler to farrell’s today and a friend & her daughter was able to join us!

Luckily I got their earlier so I waited in line with tyler and watched the employees makes ice cream desserts through the window!

Ok, so to the good stuff.

Food ordered:

Garlic Fries
The All American burger with criss cut fries (that’s wasn’t the name of fries, but I just can’t remember what they called it)
The White something Pizza
Tyler: mac & cheese
His older date: chicken tenders

Dessert: the gold rush

All in all, it was a new experience and I don’t have to ever go again.

The burger was delicious though. They had some onion garlic bun that was really really soft.

The garlic fries, not so good. The pizza was horrible, wish I had just gotten the pepperoni.

I was too full for dessert, but couldn’t leave without trying it!

It was ok, could’ve made it at home and it probably would’ve tasted better. On the menu it said it was topped with spanish peanuts, I didn’t think anything of it since I LOVE NUTS! My friend asked to have it on the side and luckily she did because it was whole peanuts with the casing on them!!!

I don’t want that crap on my sundae!

Now I’m @ work, able to blog about my dinner cause like always, its slow and since I can’t digest my food, I’m having a can 7up.

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