Monday Dinner

kimchee jigae

I’ve been waiting to get spam to make this stew but I didn’t wanna go to the grocery store so…. I just had to make it with sausage….

I know my bf has been waiting since we’ve moved in for me to make this cause this is his favorite stew but I was waiting for the kimchi to ferment so the stew could come out tasty!

So in this, I added tofu, sausage, onions and garlic.

I let this boil on low heat and jumped in the shower and got ready for work.

I came out to taste it but I couldn’t taste anything because I had brushed my teeth!  Damn it!  I tasted it before showering and it was good, so I hope it tastes better for him later.

Not only did I make this stew, but I made tuna sandwich stuff for him.

My prep area

All mixed together

You can even see the little chunks of jalapeƱos!

All packaged and refrigerated to eat!

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