Till the end

I’ve always been known to stick to what I know… meaning, I don’t like to change things up.

For instance, I’ve been with at&t for the longest time.  Yes all cell phone carriers have their gimmick of who’s better and all cell phone companies have their disadvantages… but at the end of the day, what’s the point of changing carriers everytime your contract is over?
Maybe if you want a different phone that your carrier doesn’t carry.
I’m happy with my bold (although I wish I had the white one).  I have no reason to switch from at&t whether it may have “less coverage” or it “drops” my calls.  Cell phones aren’t 100% reliable and I’ve just accepted that.

Like cell carriers, I don’t change much of the stuff in my life.  My hair dresser, dry cleaners, wax girl, nail girl, eyelash girl, clothing labels and so on.

It’s like the saying, “why fix it if it ain’t broken.”

Same goes for relationships….. men are all the same.  Some are more relatable and seem to be a better match for me.

It’s like going to a buffet, try everything and go back for seconds to your favorite and stuff your face till you’re full.

I’ve realized that there is NOT 1 person out there who is made to be with that other 1 person. It’s who you can stand to be around no matter what annoyances they have.  How much can you stand is the real question!!!

I’m still testing the limits and I do have a lot of patience!  Hello my track record tells all!

I know I’m always in for the long haul…. we’ll just see where it goes…

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