Double Up

So it’s my bf’s bday tomorrow and christmas on friday.

I initally wanted to double up and get him 1 great gift but I thought about it and if it was my bday near xmas, I wouldn’t want 1 gift so I had to think twice as hard for his gifts.

I knew what I wanted to get him but after buying all the xmas gifts for family and friends, I realized I didn’t have as much as I wanted to spend.  The original gift I wanted to get him was a belt.  Then I thought about getting him a wallet, but he doesn’t really spend money and never really carries around cash so I thought a wallet would be useless.

I decided to skip both and maybe get him some shoes, but you know the old saying, “if you get someone shoes, they run away from you.”  Not that I’m afraid he would but not a good gift to give in general.

I can’t write what I got him yet because he reads my blog from time to time so I’ll post it when xmas passes.

Luckily my school is near 3rd street promenade because I would have no time to go to the mall since he’s been home the last week.

I had the xmas gift in my trunk for a week and when he was cleaning out the garage, I asked him to stay there while I ran into the house with the gift.  I locked all the doors so he wouldn’t be able to come in while I wrapped his gift.

Last night after dinner he shook the box around and guessed what it was, but he wasn’t even close.

As for his bday gift, I already gave it to him….

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