It was everything less than what I expected.  Actually I didn’t have any expectations.  I only agreed to go with my bf to watch it since he’s been bugging me when the trailer first came out couple months ago.

I bought the tickets online because I wanted to leave the house as late as possible.  I thought it was odd to see that the 7:30pm show was sold out and it was barely 3pm.  I went ahead and bought the 10:30pm show and decided to leave the house at 10pm.  What a mistake that was!

We pull into the street where we’re headed towards the parking lot and I see a line wrapped around the theater all the way to the valet.  I’m hoping it’s not the line for Avatar, but of course it was.

We parked the car and waited in line, I even convinced my bf to go to the ticket box area and try to sell the tickets for $30.00 (I bought them for $35.00)  I complained the whole time I was in line, “This is why I HATE coming to the movies!”

To make matters worst, we sat by the smelliest guy ever! He smelled like a wet rag that’s been sitting out in the sun.  You know what stench that is!  It was fucking disgusting!

Ok, Ok I know I hate the movies, but that isn’t why I didn’t like Avatar.

Pros:  Cool graphics and VERY creative.
Cons: mumbo jumbo.

Who’s every watched Ferngully?  I heard it’s kinda similar.  I’m gonna have to watch it to see.

I don’t really like sci-fi/fantasy types of movies… It’s unrealistic and too whimsical.  I do have an imagination but I like to imagine things I can grasp.  Maybe I’m not opening myself up to the other areas of imaginations, but I can have an opinion of what I like and dislike.

So all in all, I give it a C.  It was average for me.  On the other hand, I watched Hairspray at home before leaving to the theater, and I loved that film!

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