So the turnover at Ziller has been pretty consistent.

A bartender would start working and  just disappear after 1 day to couple months.  I can name a few off the top off my head.

There was a girl named Grace who worked for 1 day.  She supposedly worked at another local bar.  I didn’t care as long as she did her job.  I worked with her on her first night and she never came back.  Her excuse?  She told the manager she can’t “handle” the type of patrons.  Well, excuse me miss, but the bar you were working at and Ziller have the same patrons.  She actually came back to work when the other bar closed down due to bad economy and again, she worked 1 day (thankfully not with me) and disappeared.  Oh I’m sorry, my mistake, she worked half a day.  She went outside to use the phone in the middle of her shift and never came back.

There was another girl named… I forgot her name, she was stick skinny, literally and had bug eyes.  She worked for few months and she never lifted a finger.  She wouldn’t try to talk to the customers and had this irritated expression on her face.

Anyways, my point in this post is, I used to talk crap about people who didn’t have great work ethics, but now I find myself feeling like my work ethic is lacking.

I haven’t gone into Ziller in 3 weeks.  I asked for it off because I’ve been sick of working so many nights.

I have till this week off and I go back on Monday, but I’m so dreading it.  I don’t wanna work weekday nights  but what else would I do?  I do have the option of not working @ ziller, I mean, come on!  2 nights a week?  How much does that bring me?  NOTHING!

I’d rather stay at home and relax and spend quality time with my son.

I may give my 2 week notice in January.  We’ll have to see.

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