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Below is a picture of my bf’s dog Boba and me.  She’s suppose to move in with us in March, which I’m fucking dreading!!!!!  I HATE DOGS!  Ok, I don’t really hate dogs, I hate taking care of dogs.  Everytime my bf mentions Boba and how she’s going to move in soon, I get stressed out and start getting annoyed at my bf.

First of all, I hate dogs that shed.  I bought an English Bulldog once for $2500 and gave it away because it was so stupid!  Not only was it stupid, but it slobbered everywhere and shed more hair than me!  My bf always complains about strands of my long hair on the floor and compares it to how much boba would shed.  I’m sorry, but dog hairs stick to clothes and sofas and crap.

My English Bulldog, Coco used to rip up the wee wee pad and then pee on it, so when we would get home, it’d be wet and in little pieces everywhere!  She even chewed up the corners of the couch and tables!

I don’t really have a say about Boba moving in because we discussed it before getting the apartment.  *sigh*  So I had an idea.  If i’m going to be taking care of a dog, might as well take care of one that I like and grow to love! So I’ve been looking online and I’ve always loved Shih Tzus! I had one before (after Coco) and I loved her! Her name was Missy and even though we got her when she was an adult, I was more in love with her than any dogs I’ve had before!  And even though she wasn’t the color I wanted.  She was black and white, but I LOVE the brown and white in Shih Tzus.

Like the picture, I want an Imperial Teacup sized Shih Tzu.
I’ve been looking online and they run from $1000-$2500.  I wouldn’t want anything else.  I’ve always wanted a teacup size dog that I could carry around like a stuffed animal.
I found this site but they are far.  I found one in SF  but they do not have ANY available and require a deposit for a puppy that will be born at the end of 2010~!  WTH???  I want one now or the latest in March and how can I leave a non-refundable deposit without knowing what color the puppies will be!  What sucks about these small breeds are that the moms only have 1 or 2 puppies in a litter so I’m just assed out.

But look how cute the shih tzu is!

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  1. lol no hate. But I was looking to get a Small dog too. As gay as it sounds yes im a guy looking for a small dog. I just don't have enough room for a big mofo. I ran across this site and thought I would pass along…

  2. Thank you for the info! I def. don't want an unhealthy, mis-bred dog, but do want the tiniest available! I will keep the info in mind and make sure there wasn't any cruelty done to the underweight mother!! good luck in finding a puppy!

  3. i heard that maltese / shih tzu mixes are a lot smarter than a pure shihtzu.. i've always loved small dogs so ive done a lot of research. my maltese was a smart little asshole, but i am so in love with my morkie (maltese yorkie mix). hope you find a puppy you love!

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