a very merry christmas

This year….. I decided to host the x-mas party for my cousins! Since my parent’s divorce, we haven’t had any family gatherings so I felt that it was my duty to bring the family together.

I invited my cousins from my dad’s and mom’s side since we are all pretty close, but few of them didn’t show up! 🙁

I woke up early to pick up Tyler from church and started prepping for dinner. I had to clean the house and rearrange some furniture so it would be more spacious.

I had picked up the food from Boston Market the day before since they were closed on x-mas day.

Had to make a lot of room in the fridge

Turkey and the pies

Tyler helping with the cupcakes!

He did very well!

I told him he couldn’t come off the couch since I was cleaning the floors!

Delicious chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting

The huge Turkey!

I took pictures of all the sides but I grabbed the wrong camera to do it, so I don’t have it. It’s on my cousin’s camera and I’ll post it once I get it from her!

I did the honors

We made the kids dance to get their gifts! LOL what our parents did when we were young at every family function

Tyler doing his break dance

And then he hurt his toe

Even baby Isabella joined in…

We had to open the tequila of course

It was so smooth, never tried the platinum patron before…

Madison & me

cousins and the kids

The girlsss

then Aiden & Isabella joined

Then Tyler and Madison came!

HY & Isabella! She’s so cute!

The leftover turkey. I had to rip off all the meat with surgical gloves…


Leftover Turkey!

My bf got me an espresso machine but we returned it the next day. (It wasn’t the one I wanted!)

This was a gift I got from Secret Santa at the x-mas dinner with my girlfriends few weeks back but I FINALLY got it out of the car, so here’s a late picture!

A little housewarming gift from the Whangs! Thank you!

Had to put the bow to use!

My other gift! The Bullet Express!

So many different parts! I was overwhelmed but it was so easy to use!

My first carrot juice in my new home!

Prepared the carrots for future use!

Look at all the peels!

So Last night, after we drank our juice, I decided to use the garbage disposal to throw away the carrot peels. Big mistake! I clogged it and the sink was making its own carrot juice! I had a feeling it would be too much but I LOVE using the garbage disposal so I gave it a shot!

Well, I couldn’t even clean up the kitchen after, we left everything there and went to sleep after submitting a maintenance request. They came this morning and fixed it. First they tried with a plunge then it wouldn’t work so they had to take apart the pipes. They asked me not to throw away the peels in the disposal anymore and to throw it away in the trash.

I’m sorry! lol

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