End of 2009

I would like to write about all the great experiences I had this year but as you all know, my memory freaking sucks! SO, I can’t share any words of wisdom.

I tried to remember the bad things that happened, but again… my bad memory.

Things that pop up in my head for 2009.

I enjoyed the first 6 months of 2009 being single. I worked hard and learned to appreciate little things. I did get a little more humble than the year before, but going on 4 years…. I still can’t believe it’s taking this long for me to get humble to where I need to be. And that includes, NOT caring about what car I drive. NOT caring about shopping and buying luxury items. I’m still not there yet, and I understand. Its gonna take a lot longer than 4 years after 23 years of my princess lifestyle. It’s ok, I accept it.

Another experience I had that I cannot forget is getting roasted. As you all may know, I have my blog to talk about myself. Yes, I am that narcissistic. NO, I enjoy posting my thoughts and experiences as I go through this thing called life. I don’t think of it as a negative and I sure as hell don’t think it was a positive thing, but definitely a lesson learned. Don’t love your bf (at the time) so much that you will do what they ask. Than MAYBE, I would have already started my career in acting, instead of being 8 years behind! 2 men in my life had stopped me 2 different times from pursuing what I dreamed of becoming and now here I am. 1 more so than the other and being reminded of the roast, I know not to trust men who are over 35 and act like they’re 10, or doesn’t really have a group of “real” friends. I could go on and on with the list but, that’s another post. All in all, I still refuse to go on roastlist because I have my own life to watch and own blog to post on. The stupidest thing is that people assume I leave comments on there or post on there…. people, if I wanna talk shit, I’ll do it on my blog, as you’ve seen before.

2009 is the year I started 3 jobs. If a year ago you told me I would have 3 jobs, I would’ve said, “Shut the FUCK UP!” But here I am, happy as Mumble’s feet. Never in a million years did I think I would be happy being a workaholic. Its the appreciation for money that I’m learning and making a living for myself and those in need in my family. I wouldn’t have it any other way, and I hope that 2010 will bring great careers opportunities so I can provide more for my family and be able to afford all the things I need and now WANT! Come on, spirits in the sky! I haven’t shopped, REALLY shopped in SO LONG!

Rekindling with old friends…. that’s always a pleasure. I was able to reconnect with old friends from 14 years ago and I loved it! Also thanks to facebook I’m able to keep in touch with all my middle school and hs friends. I love having people around me and catching up on old times and this year has been it. Although I lost a dear friend…. um that’s all I have to say.

The most special experience in 2009 which I’ll carry with me til 2010 and hopefully so forth has been my wonderful boyfriend. I knew I loved him a week after I met him. I told him I loved him but he didn’t trust me. Now it’s going on 6 months and I’ve NEVER experienced a relationship like this one. Even though it is important how the other person makes us feel, I think it is MOST important how WE feel about ourselves with the other person. And I am myself, the most comfortable I’ve ever been and not afraid to be vulnerable or strong depending on the circumstance. I wish to spend many more New Years with him, but that’s something I can’t guarantee cause who knows how he feels about me 😉

Cheers to a eventful 2009 and wishing everyone a safe night and wonderful start to 2010!!!

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