Why Do Guys Flip the Switch?

Its seems to be that the “honeymoon” stage in a relationship soon ends when the guys flip the switch. If you need me to further explain, here’s an example.

When you’re first dating, he’s supportive of what you do and has no say in how you’re steering your life. Once things get serious, it seems like a timer goes off in their brain to be more possessive, overbearing and controlling in how you’re living your life.
(By all means, these are things I’ve noticed in friend’s relationships and my previous ones. My relationship is on a dimmer switch. Comes and goes when needed. It’s great!)
Like I’ve mentioned before, this is my 3rd attempt in furthering my career in acting because I was stopped twice. Now, it can’t stop and won’t stop.
I remember the guy fully supporting what I wanted to do and BAM around the 3 month mark, he started to give me his 2 cents about my life and career choice. He started to talk about everything in my life that bothered him and wanted to take the driver’s seat. Of course it’s my fault too for allowing him to, but what was a girl in love suppose to do. Now I look back and know that it wasn’t love!
Why do guys do this? I asked one guy and he said because he wants to be seen as the “perfect” guy until he sleeps with her. And once he’s “gotten” her, he will let his true colors show. I don’t agree with the “pussy on the pedestal” line because nowadays, there are people who don’t have sex till LATER or have sex on the first date. Depending on the type of relationship each person wants, sex won’t affect the outcome. But in most cases, when a man and woman first meet, it’s very rare that they are both looking for the same thing at the same time.
So what is it that drives men to act the way the do after several months of dating? Is this something that us women should just accept and if it isn’t at the level of psycho-ness than to stay with the guy if we can tolerate it?
Seems to me in ANY relationship, you’re looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with. Compromise and communication so nothing gets over looked and misunderstood. People are not perfect and no matter how hard we think we’re trying, the other person will never think it’s good enough. Relationships are hard work and as long as both are on the same path, there shouldn’t be anything that breaks them up.
Once the decision is made on whether you love the person and want to stay with that person no matter what flaws they have, it it always best to look forward and not have any doubts or regrets.
People live with doubts all the time and I think it’s unhealthy, soar into the future and don’t look back.

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