BIG $pender to penny pincher

The decision of cohabiting has definitely made me more aware of how much I spend….

When my bf asked me to pick up King Taco last night, I tried to convince him to eat tacos I could make at home.  Not only was I lazy to go pick up food, but I didn’t want to spend money.
I enjoy being a housewife and doing the duties (with voluntary help) at home. I can do it 85% of the time, but I just need 15% of help.
I haven’t been spending money on anything lately… and I have no desire to.
Of course excluding the household items I need to live, but nothing extravagant.  
Yes, I got a watch that retails for $250, but I got it for $140! And I was sick of wearing my pasha.  (that reminds my, my strap came in. need to make a stop to SC cartier)
Of course I want to shop like I used to but I know my priorities, and even though I may feel a smidgen of jealousy towards the girls that ALWAYS shops and has the new chanel purse, new shoes and clothes and accessories, I know I was lucky enough to have before and for a very long time.  It just gives me more motivation to work harder and make lots of money so I can live better than I did and be able to provide the luxuries to my family.
Of course I want a new car… (sorry bob) but I can’t do anything until my lease is up.  The amount I pay on my monthly payment on my car I probably could’ve gotten a better car, but I wanted it quick… and spend as less on gas as I can and on insurance!
Maybe the reason I keep writing about my financial status is because I’m indirectly reminding myself that it’s ok.  
I won’t lie, I’m embarrassed about Bob.  I’m glad I work so much so I don’t have to drive Bob to places I go out to.

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