Back Again

@ the hospital. Nothing great. He's gone to do another MRI and since I can't wait in the ICU, I'm left sitting on the floor waiting by the elevators. Luckily I'm in my uggs & sweats.

I have no more emotion left inside me, I didn't cry uncontrollably like last time when I got the phone call but I feel just as horrible inside. Who knows what will happen when I see his face.

Everything in my life seems to be going unexpectedly. I don't know how to handle it because I like to be in control.

I will definitely have control once he comes back because they need me to make an executive decision in regards to future procedures.

I need a sibling, someone to help me make the right decision.

These are the times in my life when I wish I had someone else besides me, or even if my parents divorce in 2005. Wow 5 years ago already. How time flies….

So many things I would change if I could only turn back time.

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