I’ve been obsessed with finding an actress with bags under her eyes. WHY? because I have these hereditary bags that just won’t go away. It’s not the lack of sleep that’s causing them to appear, it’s the lack of good genes apparently.
After paying close attention to every actress on tv everytime I had it on, I finally found an A-list actress who has them…. Marisa Tomei.

I never thought of it as a problem until I started to actually think I have somewhere to go with this dream of mine. I need to look good on television, with HD and all and now even 3-D! I don’t need my bags to come out and punch my fans in the face!
I looked everywhere on the web to see what the causes were and figured out that I need to definitely cut down on salty foods and drink more water!

Not only do I need to get rid of the bags, I need to have fuller lips!

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