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So I went to the vet on saturday and it cost me $104. It’s not a lot, but it’s a lot for a damn puppy! She got her 12 week vaccination and in 4 weeks we have to go back.

So far I’ve spent about $600.
Yes, I’m going to compare everything to money now because I’m always on a budget.
Spending frivolously over the years caused me to have a bad habit of overspending, but now that my parents aren’t giving me money, I need to count my pennies and dimes.
It’s ok, you can feel bad for me, but I’m not embarrassed. It’s life.
And I guess spending lots of money on my new puppy is too! I still need to get her a leash and a collar.
We brought her out a few times and now everything we try to leave the house, she runs out! It’s so annoying, because now she wants to go out. She had no idea what was in store for her outside the door but now that she does, of course she doesn’t wanna be cramped up in the house all day.
Poor Bijou. Only if she could potty train herself. I would love her forever. Right now I only love her 50%

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