Today’s Weigh In

a whopping 114 pounds!

Again I set my alarm for 8am to go running. But I pressed snooze.
I haven’t worked out in so long. Well consistently that is. I’ve tried to do the p90x here and there but I’d give up.
Last week when I had to wear scrubs to the office, I wanted to wear my running shoes but couldn’t decide whether to wear my new (never worn outside) ones or the old ones. The new ones I ONLY use for p90x, they’re my inside workout shoes. Well in that split second of running out the door for work, I said to myself, I’m never going to do p90x again. So the inside shoes are now outside shoes!
But as for working out…. I really need to get crackin if I want a stomach that looks like J. Burciaga’s!

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