Russell Peters @ Nokia Theater

I enjoyed it only because it was the only thing that made me smile from this weekend.

But I wasn't laughing hysterically like I expected to.

Parking was $25 for the west (closest) lot and was well worth the $25 since it was FREEZING!

I love driving thru DTLA, I love the blue twinkle lights on figueroa and the bright lights from LA Live & the staples center. I'd love to live in DTLA!

The show was a 7 out of 10.

Seats were good, alcohol was overpriced, and the double shot of grey goose on the rocks didn't have any effect on my state of mind.

After of course we stopped by el taurino & ordered enough for a whole family.

I ordered 1 burrito to take home & ate a tostada and an el pastor taco @ the restaurant.

I had to get the manzanita sol of course too! I love me some apple soda!

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