What a weekend.

I hate people who don't follow thru.

First of all, I do whatever I want therefore don't ever think you got me.

I like brutally honest people, I can handle the truth. Don't front & fake the funk.

You wanna fuck around? Alright, let's fuck around. Don't make me wait around.

If you say you're gonna do something, stick to your decision.

I sold my puppy for $200! That's probably the best thing that happened.

Aside from that I moved out of the apartment and temporarily staying @ a friend's place. Soon to move back to Downey in time for summer & back to laying out.

Amidst all the drama, I managed to get on Ray & ride thru santiago canyon!

It was a long ride. Down irvine blvd to el toro thru santiago to jamboree. I only had my sweater on and was freezing but the feeling of being free on the road was priceless.

I unpacked the important stuff and got ready for work.

After work I drove straight to my friend's & passed out.

Saturday wasn't a good day either.

All in all people are all the same, all full of shit. No realness around. Grow some balls.


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"I'm hard to remember, but impossible to forget"

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