I wanted to do a list of things I’ve accumulated over the years from douchebags to just plain jerks.

BUT the list would be too long, so I’ll just get into a few.
After every relationship, I always regret the same thing. I ask myself, “Why did I spend my money?” I’m sure guys ask that question too and wonder why they have to pay for everything, but we’re not gonna get into your issue.
Why do I always fall so hard that I am willing to do EVERYTHING for a guy. I can honestly say that I’ve paid for most of the meals on dates and everything else. I’ve bought gifts at the time because I wanted to but now, I think, why even buy gifts? It’s pointless! So as to my title, GUYS SHOULD NEVER…….. LET A GIRL PAY. Where’s the chivalry? A MAN should always be a gentlemen and be attentive towards the lady’s needs. Whether it’s making her feel like she’ll be taken care of. A lady shouldn’t have to worry or feel guilty for not offering to pay. Trust me, it feels fucking great when I can pay for something and not expect a thing, but I think that’s why I keep losing respect for guys that come along because I start to resent them and think they’re not MAN enough.
Yesterday was Valentine’s day and fortunately, I didn’t have a date. Even though I hate the occasion I would expect any guy to make the smart move and listen to me when I say don’t get me flowers or anything but in the back of my mind, I still hope he does because a guy should ALWAYS be romantic and WANT to do something special on VALENTINE’S day for their special someone. GUYS SHOULD NEVER…..NOT DO ANYTHING FOR VIOLET’S DAY, oops I mean VALENTINE’S DAY.
GUYS SHOULD ALSO NEVER take the initiative and think for the lady. Don’t think the unthinkable and don’t give yourself excuses for your assumptions. When in doubt, deal with the situation. Ask questions engage the issue, DO SOMETHING.
I may be hard to understand but just be quick and have “noon chee” (korean word). Don’t be a simpleton is ALL I ASK.
GUYS SHOULD NEVER have to ask a favor from the lady. He should be man enough to take care of everything and me too. He shouldn’t need help taking the trash out or carrying things or putting up stuff around the house. The only favor he’s allowed to ask is if he has horrible style and needs a makeover and wants to go shopping. Better yet, give me your sizes and cc and let me surprise you.
GUYS SHOULD NEVER complain about work. Talk about it, vent but don’t complain how you’re so tired from working…. mmmm I’m sorry maybe 8 hours? Get with the program, it’s the fuckin’ NORM. GUYS were programmed to work and be manly, he should only be complaining, if there isn’t food on the table when he gets home.
GUYS SHOULD NEVER try to get a girl drunk on the 1st date. It can lead to dangerous things, and I’ve said this MANY MANY times, guys become boys who only want SEX so they only wanna get one thing and that’s the end of anything. I know that, so there’s no fooling me.
GUYS SHOULD NEVER make the lady feel like she’s unwanted. I’ll move on quicker than you can get a hard on.
Why a post like this? Just reminding myself that there is no one perfect out there and being by myself is the only thing that will make me happy.
and violet lived happily ever after.

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