100 reasons why he loves me

As you know, my exer and I have been broken up. It’s been hard on both of us because we lived together. He’s been trying to reconcile and I’ve been trying to figure out what I want. He sent me this to help me clear my mind…

Some maybe be explicit and tmi but I’m just keeping it real.


1. I love how u make me feel around u.
2. u have the prettiest face.
3. I love ur eyes.
4. I love the way u smile and hearing u laugh.
5. the way u look at my eyes.
6. I love the way u kiss me even I complain sometimes.
7. I love the way u hug me. And look up at my face.
8. I love ur smell, on u or ur clothes.
9. I love the way u sleep, except when ur eyes r open. N only facing me with palm on ur cheek
10. I love the way u were driving, taking my drunk ass home, ( in ur car, top down with my hat)
11. I love the way u ride ur bike. (Always worry but sexy)
12. I love how we met n u followed the taxi, u peed rite behind me in the bush.
13. I love ur confidence.
14 I love the way we sang together ( couple )
15 I love the way u played with sarah.
16 I love looking at u n the way u cook.
17. I love ur nagging. I hate it then.
18. I love the way u looked when tyler n I first met at island. ( U were nervous)
19 I love how u ran towards ur dads dancing studio cuz u had to poo LOL.
20 I love our first kiss and our first sex ( more of fck but..)
21. I love how we used to fall asleep on aim.
22 I love how u pick me up from dongs after ur school.
23 I love how we bbm each other all the time. And sending pics.
24. I love the way u bowl. It was so cute.
25. I love how we got high for the first time. Oh man… Lol
26. I love how we rubbed tanning oil at palm springs. N laying out taking pic.
27. I love the way u make food for ty.
28. I love how u fell on skateboard. ( Didn’t listen to me)
29. I love how I put ice pack on ur ass, n u would blog about how wonderful bf I am.
30 I love our first golf range. Taking pic through side mirrors.
N eating kfc on nice sunny day.
31. I love the way u parked my car when we went to white nrb, how the girls were impressed.
32. I love ur face when I use go see u at cerc. ( Biggest smile n made me feel well welcome)
33. I love our sincere, innocent love.
34. I love how u barfed all over my car. N throwing u in the shower. On ur knees. ( Never turned me off =])
35. I love listening to our song, john legend.
36. I love how we used to drive back to my house from la, after ur work. When I got pulled over.
37. I love how I have so much memories with u. Even lil but
38. I love u cuz u made me realize these memories.
39 I love the way u give me bj.
40. I love how u always put lil comments on my fb. Always the first one.
41. I love how u fell asleep at jim jil bang. Patient 449!!
42. I love how u hold my hand.
43. I love u cuz u showed me true love.
44. I love how u made me felt just looking at u.
45. I love how we argued and we would come out of it so fast.
46. I love how we used to brush our teeth together.
47. I love how we take showers together.
48. I love how u made me felt eating el taurino at my house late at night when my mouth was burning from hot sauce, made me realize u were the one.
49. I love how we lay in our bed and talked all night being super tired. N fall asleep with touchin lips..
50. I love how u drove me in the morning to the car pound. To pick up my truck. ( U were pissed)
51. I love how we went to the park front of my sis. With boba.( Just chillin..)
52. I love going to guppys. N we had 10 questions to ask.
53. I love being with u.
54. I love msging wih u.
55. I love u sleeping next to me.
56 I love the way u snore.
57 I love how u used to wake up next to me n be all grouchy, (how u used to complain about ur schedule n blah blah)
58. I love how u complain about ur car.
59. I love how we played bubble bubble and ping.
60. I love the way look on ur face playing video game.
61. I love how u try to make effort, with what I like and I don’t.
62. I love u cuz ur just a awesome chic.
63. I love how u bought me clothes n socks.
64. I love how we were mad at each other at bjs eating pizza, we refuse to talk first!!
65. I love how u made me feel. “Wow I can’t believe I’m with her”
66. I love how I felt, showing my friends that ur MY GIRL.
67. I love how u came over to dongs to watch ufc.
68 I love how we spend our time at pipers watching fights. ( I know u were always bored)
69. I love how u always thought about me.
70. I love how u laugh loud. (Sounds great in my ears)
71. I love how u were such a great host. During our lil get together.
72. I love how u always snooze ur alarm. ( I wake up with u every time….)
73. I love how u ask me all the time to go jog. N we never
74. I love how u weight ur self and being happy losing 1 pound?
75. I love how u look when ur taking a shit. “Don’t close the door!!”
76. I love how u FARTED accidentally when we were arguing. OMG…..
77. I love how u were dancing all crzy in my car night of my dui.
78. I love how u cried so much when I was sitting back of the car, handcuffed telling u not to cry.
79. I love how we felt talking about moving in together, in my bed writing down n calculating n worrying about our finance.
80 I love how we walked around on western shopping n bargaining for furniture. It felt great!
81. I loved that feeling, shopping for apt.
82 I love how u made me felt so comfortable, talking about eating eggs if we have to.
83. I love how u used to listen to all my prob at work.
84. I love the way u look when ur shopping at grocery.
85. I love how u looked sitting inside the cart. ( We didn’t even care.=])
86. I love how we walked around at redondo and korean fair, ( we convinced u not to go to school!!)
87. I love how u get rdy for work. ( I always look at u at least once)
88. I love look on ur face rite when u wake up.
89. I love how u left me jogging.. !!!!!! ( Still angry thinking about it)
90. I love how we were sooo in love, how ppl envy our relationship.
91. I love how we talked about our future.
92. I love how u looked trying to fix ty’s booster seat.
93. I love how u complained standing in line to watch avatar.
94. I love how ur organized with ur time and schedules.
95. I love how fast ur noon chee is.
96. I love how we used to smoke cigs in the balcony. U always being cold.
97. I love u cuz u made me a better man.
98. I love u cuz u made me realize what love is.
99 I love u cuz I just do.
100. I love you violet.

These r the memories n reasons why I love u, I’ve realized my mistakes, I’m truly sorry for taking our love for granted. Being in love with u was more than just love. No one truly knows what we’ve shared n we even forgot our selfs as well or I have. *sigh*

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