Loyola Boys

I was on western ave going north before venice & was stopped @ the red light where mcdonald's is and saw a group of about 30 boys in their loyola running team school shirt running, south on the west side of the street.

My 1st reaction was a racist one. " Wow the only time I've ever and will see these many white kids running in this neighborhood." I wish I had taken a picture as they were coming towards me, but when I was done with the above thought is when they had already passed me.

There were 3 gentlemen standing in the same side of the street, lower-class african american men, could have possible been homeless. I saw the men watch the crowd of predominately white, sprinkle of latin, asian & black run by & smile with a proudness. Not that the men should be proud to see white kids, but I think it was a sense of joy seeing young men who are dedicated to what they and seeing them strive for something.

I'm sure you don't understand what I'm saying it felt great to be an outsider to encounter a moment of non racism & non prejudice.

I even teared up when I saw the men's faces because it was a wakening for me that even though people are intertwined in racism & prejudice there are moments like this that make the world seem like its going in the white, oops I mean right directions.

(Sorry line from my favorite movie "hairspray.")

Be happy, life is not short but it goes by fast!


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