Phans 55

So I had the pleasure of trying a different kind of pho place. Aesthetically it was. 4 star restaurant.

The food wasn't bad either but damn it was fancy. Pho was $10 each & they didn't even have tripe on the menu. The egg rolls were delicious, reminded me of the egg rolls @ a pho place in las vegas I loved on spring mountain road somewhere.

I didn't like how everything they served were limited. They didn't give enough of anything. And I had to ask for everything. The broth was good but the amount of 1 serving of pho was to feed a child. I could've ate 2 bowls & the egg rolls.

I think I'll go to a regular pho 99 restaurant and have my msg bowl with tripe AND only pay $5.95 for a bowl!

Unless I go on a date with a vietnamese guy & wanna impress him with the 4 star pho place, then you'll see me again @ Phans 55


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