I went to a Peruvian place near the house to give my opinion about Peruvian other than Mario’s and El Pollo Inka.

Place was called Inka Mama’s and it looked like a fast food type of restaurant.
Didn’t have any restaurant feel and only 2 other tables were being served. I guess with the rain, no one wanted to eat out? Or the food wasn’t good.
Their aji sauce was under par. I like my aji spicy and flavorful but it lacked both elements.
I ordered the shrimp saltado and he ordered the Inka special.

I also got the sangria which was decent…

I keep forgetting how salty peruvian food is because everytime after I eat it, I’m super parched. We stopped by target to by this wooden chest I saw on my last trip there. But of course my luck, this target didn’t have it.
We ended up buying 2 things and I had a sudden craving for frozen yogurt. Actually I just wanted something refreshing because I was so thirsty.
We went to yogurtland and I got the plain with lychee, strawberries, mangos and almonds.
I’m still thirsty as I’m writing this blog.

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