Relationships are hard

I was driving to work and had just finished the call saying, "I'll call you (stammer) message you when I get to work."

Then I thought, of course I should call, messaging is SO impersonal. I know I still do it all the time and its useful but NOT when it's trying to sew back up.

That's what it means when you get too comfortable. You let things go, the habits that people start with to show their best foot forward, it gets thrown out the window when you assured about the love you're getting back.

I guess its really about being oblivious to other things & not being oblivious of your significant other. I was, I admit and I am wrong for that. Why throw away something that hasn't broken?

I guess its the car leasing terminology I've heard people using.

So on goes my challenge, making things work.


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"I'm hard to remember, but impossible to forget"

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