I wasn’t going to do what I’m about to do because I know ALL hell will break loose.

This person is the devil living on Earth and I am well aware that lies and BS is going to be spilling out of his mouth, but I just have to speak the truth.
I’m sure you all already know who i’m talking about. Yes, the person with bad credit who won’t pay the last payment of the M5 he drove and claimed to be his.
All he knows how to do is threaten and blackmail me with untrue information that has nothing to do with real life situations present day, ie his M5 payment.
So I sent him this email.
(click image to enlarge)

attached with this letter

So I did my research and spoke with BMW financial and Yiwen @ Shelly and sent his this 2nd email:

with this attachment:

Few more emails still:

As you can see, he’s trying to threaten me about this insurance thing so he won’t have to pay for the last payment for the M5.
First of all, the car accident story isn’t anymore crazier than any normal car accident. I was driving his Charger at the time, of course with his permission since I agreed to get the M5 under my name for him.
He’s trying to scare me so I would stop bugging about the payment.
Do you see what kind of scumbag he is?
I’m sure this post is gonna get to his ear very soon, because all his little sidekicks will be reporting back to him!
So please everyone: make sure you date the right person or else you’re gonna be in a situation like I am and it’s not fun, especially cause he’s the fucking devil.

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