Gays in the Military

I don’t see anything wrong with homosexual men who want to support their country and join the military.

I read someone’s tweet yesterday and it really pissed me off.
This is what I read: Obama… if you were active duty military, would you like a homosexual man standing next to you in the showers? I know my husband doesn’t. Been receiving a lot of concerned emails from my brothers in the Marine Corps… Keep prayin’, people!”

First of all, just because someone is gay, doesn’t mean they are going to be checking out other men’s packages while they are serving their country. And if they do, I’m sure they will be respectful towards other soldiers in keeping their thoughts and actions to themselves! Unless they find another gay man and find their true love. SINCE it is SO hard for homosexual people, female and male to find someone they can truly trust and love and understand on their level.

Why must we forbid them from doing what they want? People shouldn’t be close-minded and discriminating!

Do I go to a women’s spa and expect them not to let homosexual women in?

I go to gay bars and I’m ok with it. That’s what we have to live with living on earth. Because everyone IS different and judging them will NOT change anything.

Let them be gay! Let them represent the country and fight for our rights! Let them be the heroes they wanna be!

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