Car Shopping

I went to Dodge and BMW this weekend to test drive some cars….

The Z4 is out of the question. It is way too small. I don’t know what I was thinking when I was considering it since it’s only a 2 seater.
I test drove the Challenger R/T since they didn’t have the SRT-8 in automatic and the R/T can’t be compared. The difference between the 5.8 and the 6.1 is huge! I stepped on the pedal and NOTHING. The 328ci convertible with the top down had more power than the R/T.
Of course I went to Dodge first because for some odd reason, my first choice is the SRT-8.
Even after driving the 328ci convertible with the amount power at take off and the handling, I still want the challenger. BUT dodge doesn’t give good lease options and BMW does.
I still have Audi and MBZ to check out but I’m hoping Audi will impress me. I’ve never driven an Audi before so I’d like to see how the A5 handles.
MBZ, I’m not really interested but still going to take a look and compare…
They are also giving deals on BMW 2010 535 because the new 5 series is on its way. I have no care to drive an old model for few years… I just want what’s best for my budget.
🙂 We shall see~

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