My Worst Nightmare

After a shit load of fighting, my ex and I decided to work things out. Although we’re still “EXES” we’re doing everything like a normal couple would do. Yesterday we had a bbq in LA with my family and after stopped by his parents to visit.

He never actually brought his disgusting dog over to live with because the month of MARCH (when Boba was suppose to come live with us) we were fighting and NOT together.

Boba is living at the parents house and when we went over last night, my EXER went to the backyard to play with her and noticed that she was not in the best shape. She had irritation around her snout and patches of her hair were missing. He kept asking what he should do and I didn’t say anything.

All I was thinking was, “There is NO WAY I’m going to offer to bring Boba to the apartment.” Why would I offer? I hate that dog! If he asked I wouldn’t say no because I’m not a TOTAL BITCH (just a little bitch) but he wouldn’t! He just kept asking what he should do. So I told him, “Don’t expect me to offer to bring Boba because that would be going against my will, but if you wanna bring her to take her to the vet, I’m ok with it.”

So, we brought the pig. I couldn’t sleep ALL night cause that damn dog kept crying and whimpering. I had the worst night of sleep and I even went to bed at 11:30pm!

I fucking hate that dog.


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