Reality Show Pt. 1

I was bartending @ Le Cercle tonight and as always, it was slow.

I noticed 2 guys approaching the bar. Tina my coworker ended up getting them their drinks. I noticed 1 guy look at me and say something to his friend, then his friend looked. I assumed what I always assume… they’re talking about me. I tried to keep busy, clearing out the cc receipts. after several minutes, we met eye contact and they asked me if my name was Monica. I said no. I was thinking, wow, what a cheesy pick up line but that wasn’t the case at all. They started to explain why they were there and how they got an email from a girl that was a bartender @ Le Cercle regarding the Asian Reality Show. They initially came to meet with the manager to discuss future filming and since a bartender had applied, they asked. We were able to talk since it wasn’t busy and they asked me questions about the club. Then they asked me why I thought I would be great for the show. It was probably more of an observation of my character and I hope I answered to their liking. I simply told them my history in the life of a KTOWN girl (that does NOT sound good). I told them I ride a bike (RAY). They asked me how many fights I’ve gotten into in my life, I responded, “None, I don’t want to fuck up my face. I just call the cops.” They said, “Good answer,” but honestly I think they would probably want someone with a bitchy attitude that always gets into fights. But on the other hand, my attitude (snobby) would be interesting too. It’s like I think I’m too pretty to fight. 🙂
Anywho, they said someone will contact me and I’ll come in for an actual interview for the casting.
They also asked if I knew anyone Korean American men who would fit into the show that’s not the typical Korean man.
We shall see on the last weekend of April.

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