I always thought about the direction I wanted to go with my blog and never really made an effort to. Maybe because I’m still confused.

Basically I like to share my thoughts and activities on my blog so the friends in my life that I don’t get to see often can be updated…. well that’s what it was 10 years ago. Now there’s Facebook, Twitter, and the stagnant Myspace. I guess with my blog, I want people to know me as me.
I’d like to think that I have a different view on life and could be beneficial to someone, anyone out there.
So the title of my blog, “In the life of ….Violet” and the blog description, “Riches to Rags and dealing with it” sums up what I’m going through.
I think I should emphasize the description into my posts more often. Hence the ticket price add in the post below about CA Adventure.
From this post on, I will make an effort on describing more about my life in monetary form. I can expose more of my emotional state in regards to how I’m spending money and what I’ve learned to cut down on.
It’s definitely been an awareness and an attempt at maturity. Slowly I’m realizing how unimportant some possessions are and I’m having a hard time separating the feelings of want and desire from need.
Hopefully blogging about my struggle will help me rise above the superficial state of mind….

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