Piglet eats Spicy Chicken Wings again

This was my 2nd attempt in making spicy chicken wings….

I decided to make it again because I always think I can make a dish better. And also since I bought the huge family pack of wings from Costco and I need to use them up!
Can’t let frozen food be forgotten in the freezer!
I washed the wings and dumped it into my pan. I then added water, Gochujang, Chili paste, brown sugar and minced garlic.

Then I let it boil till the liquid was almost gone

My beau even said it was better this time…. a little spicier too.

The family package at Costco is perfect. Each packet is for 2 servings. Even though I only had 3 wings, there was enough for him to eat the rest and be full. Of course we had it with rice. We’re Korean.

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