I had a shoot yesterday for GoDaddy. It was a spec commercial and I had such a good time. This is the 2nd spec commercial I’ve done in my life and I know I can use it for my reel.

So everyone knows how the typical Go Daddy commercial goes…. so I’ll just leave it to you imagination until I post the video.
Basically I was jumping up and down screaming Go Daddy! Go Daddy! Go Daddy! and my watched ended up bruising my arm!

This is the over-sized Michael Kors watch I got few months ago and didn’t realize how destructive it was going to be on my arm!

I felt the bruising during the shoot and it worsened after each shot.

The last 2 pictures of my arm is from this afternoon and it’s still so painful!

Maybe I’m just a big baby

They also did my makeup like an import model. And my hair too! Although I love getting my makeup and hair done, I hate taking it off at the end of the day!

They teased my hair to look fuller and sprayed a shitload of hairspray!

Do you see all the knots I had to get out! Oh and look how skinny my arm looks!

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