I had dinner at Pizzeria Mozza on Sunday, my 2nd time there ever in my life and I didn’t take ANY pics.

You all know how much of a camera whore I am when it comes to food, ONLY because I want you to all experience the same feelings I have when I’m starring into my plate right before I’m about to devour it!
Anywho, I don’t like taking pictures at american places because I don’t want to seem like a FOB.
But then again, Americans take pictures of food right? How do all the food pictures on Yelp get there? Cause everyone takes pictures? Or all yelpers Asian?
Should I feel embarrassed when taking pics? When the 4 eyed skinny jean wearing gay guy next to me is whispering something to his friend across the table while checking his blackberry? I have to assume they’re talking about me. So, no pictures from Pizzeria Mozza.
Another reason to go back… hopefully a later time so it won’t be so crowded.
Oh and I was thinking of my friend Reez who has a dope camera and blogs ( and how no one would stare at him because 1. He isn’t asian. 2. He has one of those huge SLR cameras.
Maybe I need to get one of those cameras so I could look professional. 🙂

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