AU79 Bike Night

We met up at my friend’s warehouse to take rosemead all the way down. My hubby has a 49cc ruckus so we weren’t able to take the fwy. Even though it was only 16 miles away, it probably took us about 30 minutes and numerous times of our sportbikes overheating lol

I swear, it seemed like we were getting stuck at every light!

Here are the 2 bikes of my friends

The front


Part of the group

The girls, I look butch cause of my camo thermal lol

Green Tea with Aloe

Other bikes


My plate!

Loving her cup holder, BITCH!

The crew

Sorry my camera sucks but once my friend Peter uploads from his wonderful camera, I’ll upload more pics!

He was kind enough to come back with us down Rosemead!! Thanks Peter!

Hubby & Abby


the best part of the bike night was when we were all riding 40mph down Rosemead, right before Las Tunas or something there was a group of Ruckus riders pulling into a Mobil gas station while we were at the red light.
I lifted my visor and yelled to my hubby, “Hey! There’s your crew!” lol
it was the cutest thing ever! Bunch of grown up boys on a 49cc scooter! While I’m out riding my 600cc.
Also my hubby had 5% worth of cc’s compared to my friend Peter’s ducati! hahahahaahhahahahahahahhaha 5%!
Can’t wait for next bike night!!

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