Athlete’s Foot

I've never had it and had NO idea the affects of it til last night.

My hubby and my bf were chillin on my bed and I was complaining about how my feel has been peeling. I initially stated that because I thought it started ever since my bf got me the Vera Wang flats and I wanted to point the blame on him as a joke. Then my hubby replies, "you have athlete's foot!!!" And I was like, "is that what it is???? It's kinda fun!"

I have no idea how I got it but I remember hearing about people getting this from spas! Well ding ding ding!!!! Wi Spa in ktown!!!! Then my bf & hubby simultaneously said, "YOU DIDN'T WEAR SLIPPERS????" I don't remember seeing slippers there and then my bf also said, "well, u can get it from slippers too."

So now I have fungus on my feet and I don't know how to get rid of it! I've never gotten it before and I wish it would go away.

My hubby also mentioned that it is contagious and my fingers could get it too!!! WTF??

Never having fun with my athlete's foot again!!


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  1. eww purple.. that really sucks! i just googled it and you can use tinactin something. i kinda wanna peel it.. are you free tonight? kakakak just tittingggg. hey clean out ur vera wangs man!!~ the bacteria's gunna stay there and come back

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