Romantic Comedy

I'm watching The Good Guy and unfortunately its a romance movie.

Why is this a problem? Well my bf just moved out because I told him that he annoyed me.

Yes, it may sound harsh, and the problem could be ME or him which I won't know till later after time has gone by.

I was so irritated this morning following the last couple weeks and so furious about how I was feeling because fighting is STRESSFUL!!!!

We argued/bickered minimum 4xs a day. I know! Who can deal?

Well this morning, I really let him have it.

I said this: "you annoy me, ur presence annoys me, the thought of you annoys me, when u open ur mouth and speak, it annoys me. I'm happier alone, I don't like being around you, I wanna be left alone and I don't want you around."

If it were any other guy, he would've slapped me across the face then never talked to me again. Because yes, I know I'm such a bitch.

BUT if he gave me some space like how I asked him few weeks or oven a month ago, MAYBE I wouldn't be feeling this way NOW!

I'm just so fed up, so smothered and I just wanna be left alone, really.

So he moved out.

He's been co-dependent and I didn't and don't like it at all.

He also said this morning, "if you're not happy with urself, ur never gonna be happy in a relationship."

Hello! That's my line! I realized that after my ex-husband!

My response was: "I'm happy by myself."

And I am, but now being in bed alone, hanging alone and no one to talk to, I'm lonely.

So lonely so now I'm just submerging myself in netflix.

Detox doesn't help either…


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"I'm hard to remember, but impossible to forget"

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