Universal Studios with Tylerboy!

Got there around 10am and our first stop was to eat!

He’s not allowed to have soda

I haven’t had pizza hut in a while, just like I remembered, HORRIBLE


On the studio tour, saw a Ferrari. Must be a director/producer/actor

MR. Potato Head

Fucked up tram. It was blocking the exit of the bridge that falls apart!

My favorite! BUT they don’t have it anymore!! We didn’t go thru it!

After we got out of the King Kong 3D which was amazing!! The glasses bothered my lashes tho~

Reminded me of Tyrese lol

I love Mr. Bean!

Tyrese again

The flood!


Princess Diaries!


Wisteria Lane


Norman Bates


THe Mummy

Tyler won a BBALL!

The end of the DAY

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