Asian Sluts

I'm watching the last episode of Nip/Tuck and its an episode of an asian man with these 2 ugly slutty girls as his play things.

Fast forward to the scene where they are getting taken advantage of by Sean & Dr. Troy (forgot his 1st name).

Now these are the roles that asian women are getting. Minor featured extras as play things for men.

Now how could this possibly shed a positive light on the asian stereotypes in the entertainment in Hollywood? I'm glad asians are getting the role but couldn't they have picked hotter girls? Why must the slanted eyed girls get chosen? Is the oriental look what's seen to be beautiful for americans?

Are women like me and other westernized females not attractive to the media?

Is that why Lucy Liu got to where she was? I mean aside from her talent, did her chinky look make her more appealing?

So why are these asian girls in the US or anywhere else in the world trying to get the double eyelid surgery or the fake boobs or the blonde hair?

All types of asians should be appreciated whether or not we look eastern enough.

Anywho, I'm just rambling. For those of you who don't support the K-town reality show, open your eyes or keep ur fingertips off your keyboard cause nobody cares to know ur opinions unless you have an open mind!


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