People tell lies to themselves

So he wrote me an email accusing me of lying.

I don't know why he makes himself believe things to make himself feel better about himself!

I get that he's angry but take that shit out on the mat, don't fucking email me! AND in the email he tells me that he's staying over @ his dongseng's house who happens to be a girl.

Honestly I don't care where he stays, it just bothers me that he only told me to get a reaction or to get me jealous, why are boys so childish and sophomoric?

He still smothers me while were apart, and he wonders why we never worked out? Cause he can't keep away for even 24 hours!!

Ugh I'm so irritated!

Oh so I call to argue back, which I know I didn't have to but he didn't answer anyways…

Oh well. Emailed him and told him to hurry & take his shit


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"I'm hard to remember, but impossible to forget"

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